What's Behind Your Door of Creativity?

Photo by Eric Kamp

We, in this studio, have become big believers in the power of guided imageries. We use them to jump start a stalled project, access new ideas, solve problems or to discover alternate solutions as well as using the guided imagery as a meditative moment away from the current stress de jour. For those who may not be familiar with this term; it is a process via a human voice, music or a combo of the two which guides you into the deeper levels of your imagination where a river of creative thinking flows unfettered by our every day notions and conditioning. A guided imagery can last anywhere from three minutes to a half hour or longer. We like the 20 minute version.

To give you an example of what can ‘appear’ after a guided visualization; one of our braver souls (thank you Royce) has reluctantly agreed to share what showed up on the page after participating in a powerful teleconference guided visualization created by Jill Badonsky of The Muse is In.

At the end of this guided imagery, each participant was asked to complete, in writing, the sentence,

“Behind the door of my Creativity…”

Royce wrote,

Behind the door of my Creativity…. is a wondrous ancient stone vestibule/entry with a double sweeping staircase which leads to an upper balcony. Dramatic and grand. Burning torches bathe the room in flickering shades of gold and amber. Standing on the steps and all along the balcony railing above are spirit entities (don’t know what else to call them) and people who are there to guide me on my path; even though I’m not sure where this path leads.

A symbol floats into my mind. I see gratitude as a tightly wound circular line, in a nautilus shell shape, wrapped in a golden-white glowing ball of light. Like a ball of string unraveling, it gently floats and extends… this cord of glowing light floats in space. It gently encircles me at the waist and forms a loose knot…then keeps extending on and on as it moves towards the left side of the stairway. Slowly the cord moves up the stairs. The entities gently reach out and hold on to the cord. Each time they touch it, I feel a jolt of spiritual joy beyond description.

Who is the first person all dressed in white to touch the cord? It’s my beloved Faye (my grandmother, mentor, muse) who is smiling that mischievous grinning smile of hers.

Then, I don’t know who stands behind her, but she (Faye) knows who it is…from our mutual Indian heritage…a healer. The chord of light vibrates with energy. I see the orange robes of Buddhist monks in jovial conversation with Native American healers and shamans. I see light, just soft, glowing gentle persuasive light which guides me up the stairs one step at a time. As I go, I smile at each of the entities because they make me feel so safe. So welcome. They nod in return.

When I reach the top of the stairs, I see a series of doors lining the far wall of the balcony. Each door beckons me to open it and I have to decide which one to open first. I’m standing on my balcony…so peaceful, so full of serenity…a sense of “knowing” but still undecided as to which door to open first?

Breath. Just Breath. Let go of needing an outcome. Breath and experience this Moment. The answer will reveal itself.

Each person’s response to a guided visualization is unique. Some people feel quite emotional. Others say they feel or see nothing at all. Whatever the outcome, it is all OK. There is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to experience a guided imagery. It’s simply an interesting and creative way to travel deeper into that part of ourselves we seem to isolate too often.

Give it a try. Don’t ‘over-noodle’ the process. Have some fun!
If you feel like sharing any of your experiences; we would love to hear about them either here as a ‘comment’ or drop us an e-mail at mysticalquill@aim.com.


tj said...

Can you suggest one to do at work that takes less than 20 minutes?

Patricia J. Mosca said...

You know I had FORGOTTEN how much I LOVE guided visualizations...Thanks for reminding me...Think I will have to give one a go after I get out from under the paint...THANKS to Royce for sharing hers....

Royce Addington: said...

To tj,

Check out MUSEologies.blogspot.com.
We have added a 20 minute, portable guided visualization for you!