A Handwritten Note

Michael’s Handwritten Note
Tues: January 11, 2000

This is so tough I can’t believe it. We are in Key West with no place to live. The good news is, we’re staying at the Casa Marina Hotel, on the Beach Boy’s KoKoMo Beach. We are very low on money. We have no car. Bought two $60 bikes at K-Mart. Today, Bruce in California said my Audi will be sold on Friday at 10:00 am – Thank God. I’m 46 years old. No job – I plan to sell real estate. Very interesting. Putting all the stuff we didn’t sell and brought with us in storage. We are trying to settle with Damian – He owes us so much money, more than 3 million dollars. Damian is mentally ill. He is a predator. I feel bad for him. 10th Street Job is going down the tubes. We don’t have the money to fight for our money. Daniel is not doing well. I feel Daniel is being destroyed by Damian too and that is killing him – How is it possible that identical twins could be so different? With Mom and Dad are Norman and Stanley - believing Damian over me, Daniel and Molly. Mom and Dad gave Enid their 2 million dollar house. Enid’s family moved in a week after we left California and she didn’t say one word to me. Again, Molly gets the shortest straw from Mom and Dad. Not to mention the rest of us. I never thought they could show more favoritism than changing the will but they did. Very sad. My family was my life and they totally betrayed and screwed me. New life now – I feel like I am losing a ton of weight. Molly is a love. I am lucky to have her as a sister. I hope she and Jack do well. Faye and I are closer down here. I am looking forward to a new life and success in real estate.

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