Photo by Nicole Duplaix

In the July sunshine
The glimpse of an iridescent dragonfly wing
Palm fans waving in the breeze
Deep within the blooming hibiscus
A sleeping frog jumps from my unexpected touch
To the water’s edge we go
For a refreshing dip in the shaded mangrove pond
The giant lily pad gently rocks
In the July Sunshine

--Royce Addington--


Peter de Jong said...

Hi Royce,
Thank you for your comment!
I sold a few paintings in the past, but I am not really trying to sell them.
I would be more interested in getting posters or cards made of them.
If I can find a publisher who would be interested in doing so.
Thanks again, I really like to get feedback because that inspirers me to go on.
I am working on a new piece, which will take a while to do, but when it is finished I will post it.
Love & Light,

omgirly said...

this is just gorgeous. the dragonfly is a guide for me..I truly love the picture and beautiful words!

Pattie Mosca said...

Cheryl saw wrote of them and I painted them...MEAN SOMETHING?