"Ah, but I love to draw beautiful words, like trumpets of light...I adore you, words who are sensitive to our sufferings, words in red and lemon yellow, words in the steel-blue color of certain insects, words with the scent of vibrant silks, subtle words of fragrant roses and seaweed, prickly words of sky-blue wasps, words with powerful snouts, words of spotless ermine, words spat out by the sands of the sea, words greener than the Cyrene fleece, discreet words whispered by fishes in the pink ears of shells, bitter words, words of fleurs-de-lis and Flemish cornflowers, sweet words with a pictorial ring, plaintive words of horses being beaten, evil words, fesitive words, tornado and storm-tossed words, windy words, reedy words, the wise words of children, rainy, tearful words, without rhyme or reason, I love you! I love you! "
---The Belgian Artist James Ensor---


Pattie Mosca said...

It was a vision...thanks!

Cheryl, The Beading Muse ~ said...

I love this, I love words. They're one of our best gifts...& to be able to paint a word picture is such a spiritual experience using all of our keen awareness. Thank you for the reminder of that.